Equal Opportunity Representative

In 2019, departmental representatives for the advancement of women and equal opportunities were appointed in the clinics or institutes with more than 20 scientific employees. Their tasks are as follows:

  • Contact person for the women's representative/KeCK as well as within her department on the issue of women/family advancement and equal opportunities.
  • Survey of the current situation in the department and future possibilities for the realization of gender and diversity measures in cooperation with the clinic/institute management
  • Participation in faculty/clinic internal equal opportunities commission (1-2 x / year à 2h; led by Women's Representative of the Faculty of Medicine + KeCK)

The aim of assigning these department representatives is to increase the visibility of the topic and also to develop models tailored to the clinics/institutes and thus increase the likelihood of feasibility.

The following aspects are taken into account:

  • Promotion of family friendliness
  • Maternity leave bridging
  • Core working hours for meetings
  • Rotation for specialist training
  • New-work models: opportunities to make working hours more flexible
  • Concept for implementing paid research time
  • Implementation of the recommendation of the German Rectors' Conference "Against sexual discrimination and sexual harassment at universities".
  • Dual leadership and part-time leadership
  • Increase in the number of female managers

Currently, target agreements on the advancement of women and equal opportunities are being drawn up, which will be set down in writing and signed by the clinic/institute directors and the dean/medical director.

Representative for the advancement of women and equal opportunities

Main responsible:

Prazeres da Costa, Clarissa, Prof. Dr. med.

Senior physician

Group leader

Research Projects:

Infection and Immunity in Global Health

Co Director of

Center for Global Health(link is external)



clarissa.dacosta@tum.de(link sends e-mail)

Tel.: 0049.89.4140.4130 (Büro)

Tel.: 0049.89.4140.4185 (Labor